How Important Is a Casino Site’s Design from a Player’s Perspective?

The online casino industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative ones around. If you have any doubts about this being true, you should just look at the number of casino sites out there. If there weren’t so much money to be made in it, people wouldn’t be so keen to try and get their foot in the door of what’s already a very saturated market.

There are many things that make up an online casino. From the selection of games, over-supported banking options to customer support, there are many moving parts that casino sites have to keep up with. Review sites like many of these in detail, giving players all the resources they need to pick the best and most trustworthy operators out there.

In this article, we’ll focus on one aspect that’s often overlooked or at least isn’t given enough attention in most cases, and that’s the actual site design. Everything else being equal, how important is the site design for the end-user, i.e., the player, and how big of a role it plays in determining if someone sticks around or moves on?

The First Thing They See

An online casino can offer thousands of the best games. They could have a really great welcome bonus that provides great value for the player. But all of these things might be secondary if the user doesn’t like what they see when they first visit the site.

Experienced players may be more lenient in this regard as they could be looking for specific things (like valuable bonuses), but those new to online gambling will often make up their minds based on how they (don’t) like the site.

One could argue that this isn’t the most reasonable or logical thing to do, but that argument is irrelevant. The player is the consumer, and, as such, they decide if they like the product (the casino) or not. They don’t give the operator a chance to sit down with them and explain all these other perks.

If the site design doesn’t capture their imagination or they find the outlay too confusing, they’ll likely move on. And, if the casino does offer good value in general via their bonuses and promotions, this is really a shame.

How to Grab the Player’s Attention?

Almost every player out there is different, so there isn’t a single formula that will work across the board. That said, there are certain things that will generally work to get the user interested and inspire them to hang around and explore the site.

Unique but simple designs seem to work best. You don’t need flashy banners or eye-hurting colors to get the player involved. A unique and interesting theme will work wonders, and so will the breakdown of your loyalty program if it’s something different and interesting.

A good casino website doesn’t overwhelm the player. It provides just enough information to gauge their interest and get them to click on the links and start their journey. From that point onward, other elements like the gaming portfolio and bonuses will kick in, and you’ll get your customer.

It sounds simple enough, yet many online casinos make some inexplicable mistakes in this department. Perhaps they would do well if they actually asked the players what they liked and based their design decisions on the answers they got.